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According to this article on http://www.glassdoor.com/blog/tech-salaries-glassdoor-diversity-hiring-survey/ there’s a $6,000 difference between salaries of men and women in the technology sector. At Boost Digital Marketing a SEO company in Milwaukee they pride themselves on paying everyone equally. Starting wages with a 4 year degree start at around $35,000 and increase on  a yearly basis. Why do you think there is such a huge pay gap between men and women? Let us know in the comments.

Being Treated Equal


Every person in this World of ours should have the same rights. This blog is dedicating to fighting injustices, promoting equality, and educating the uninformed. Please join me in my fight against discrimination and making sure men and women get equal pay.

Equal Pay in the Medical Industry

Anyone that wants to partake in the highly lucrative medical industry but simply doesn’t want to spend entire decades in school might find the Medical Billing and Coding arena very ideal. Medical coding & billing are essential facets of any medical operation and will play a variety of roles, from the simple to the complex, be it reminding a patient of late payments or keeping a doctor informed about patient traffic.

Business group and doctor

Medical billing responsibilities essentially involve making certain that all the necessary parties are billed correctly. Medical billers are responsible for contacting insurance firms and ensuring that payments for services provided by a medical professional to patients are made as required. Medical Billing can prove to be quite the complex task and will require that one understand the various codes that correspond to symptoms, medications and diagnosis. The job often requires careful scrutiny of invoices and medical data as well as friendly interactions with people. Considering the importance of executing the task accurately, training is often required before one can try their hand at medical billing.

All tasks performed within a medical environment require a specific numeric or alphanumeric code to be assigned to them; from medical procedures and treatments to diagnosis, medical coders are responsible for assigning specific values to specific facets of a patient’s medical experience through which their account can be tracked, this including their injuries and diseases. Medical coders rarely need to interact with other people. They spend most of their time scouring over documents from doctors and nurses, trying to determine which events and occurrences surrounding a patient’s time at a medical institution require coding, eventually locating those universal codes that can be best applied to the various procedures and medical services.

Salaries can be equal and vary to the higher ends like a cardiothoracic surgeon to entry level like ultrasound technicians.

Medical coding is an essential tool for billing, allowing insurance departments and financial officers, especially medical billers, to track a patient’s account. Medical coders and billers work together to ensure that all the proper claims are filed and bills delivered. Coding typically comes before billing, because the billers utilize the codes assigned to a patient’s record to better determine the services and procedures surrounding their time in a medical facility, this proving relevant in drawing up the necessary invoices and bills.

It is common for the tasks of medical billing and coding to be assigned to a single individual; most institutions tend to outsource both roles, with numerous coders and billers known for turning the opportunity into a home based business. The high demand for medical billers and coders has transformed this particular industry into a highly lucrative opportunity for those willing to put in the hard work. See more about health care careers at HealthCareerExplorer.com and find out how you can enter this exciting field.

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